Paula’s 50 by 50 list




  1. Travel to Europe
  2. Preach my first sermon
  3. Write a book in Europe
  4. Indoor Skydiving
  5. Learn Spanish
  6. Ballroom Dancing class with Redell (he is not looking forward to this)
  7. Scuba dive (not sure where yet)
  8. Attend an Alabama Football Game
  9. Raise money for Oakwood
  10. Be on National Television
  11. Hot air Balloon ride
  12. White water rafting
  13. Travel to as many states as I can I am up to 39
  14. Take a cruise(never been on one, scared of boats-Don’t ask)
  15. See a Broadway play (Been to NYC lots never really seen one)
  16. Buy a pair of red bottom shoes
  17. Take a painting class
  18. Take some photos just for Redell (J)
  19. Create a memory book for my 50 years
  20. Pay off Twin B’s car
  21. Have all the family here for a Holiday
  22. Run the Komen Houston Race for the Cure
  23. Give a stranger a $50 bill
  24. Read 50 books
  25. Find 50 people and tell them I love them (this is easy)
  26. Read the bible through in a year (I started today)
  27. Visit one of the seven wonders of the World (TBD which one later)
  28. Take a sculpting class
  29. Take a Photography class (since I may be teaching this in the fall L )
  30. See a volcano
  31. Take part in a protest
  32. Run really walk fast.. 5k or 10k
  33. Take a helicopter ride
  34. See Patti Labelle Live
  35. See Stevie Wonder Live
  36. Take my daughters on a girls trip
  37. Become a mentor
  38. Write a letter to your 10-year future self.
  39. Take martial arts class
  40. Visit a waterfall
  41. Grow my own vegetables
  42. Perform a random act of kindness. Treat someone anonymously.
  43. Take a photo of 10 strangers. Get their story.
  44. Create a book of photos of those strangers
  45. Meet Mark Batterson
  46. Swim 5 miles
  47. Write a love letter to my kids and Redell
  48. Write a letter to Maurice so he can read it when I am dead
  49. Revamp our wills
  50. Create a book in my grandmother’s honor (already started this)

This is subject to change!! Ya’ll know me!! LOL!!


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