Work with Paula to write your book

  • Take the guesswork out of writing, self-publishing, and marketing your successful print or ebook.
  • Eliminate frustration, trial and errors, and avoid mistakes you can’t afford.
  • Build confidence so you can finish your project with a partner who cares about you and your book.


Paula offers Coaching in these areas:

  • Book writing
  • Self Publishing
  • Book Marketing & Social Media support
  • Website & Blog Format/Content
  • Business Visibility, Name Building, & Branding

You will…

  • Get more clarity on your book or marketing message and their value.
  • Get clarity on which online marketing techniques are best for your book or business. That can mean social media, article marketing, and a business blog.
  • Finish at least as many chapters as you stay in our partnership.
  • Get answers and hand holding on how to start your writing or social media promotion project, what the best tactics are, and how to measure your effectiveness.
  • Learn some easy pre-marketing tools to set up your book’s promotion platform before you finish your book, so you will be ready to launch a powerful campaign the day you finish writing.
  • Help you build an online audience and book readers answers to their problems or challenges, so they will trust and buy from you.
  • A guided outline for your book and deadlines
  • We will work together to finish your project so that you are ready for an editor.

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